Leather trends this season have moved to beautiful, innovative materials that respect the environment with regenerated, recycled, or sustainable sourcing. A good change we are seeing this season is more awareness around sustainability and sustainably traced materials and recycled fabrics which is all positive food for change. We have complied 5 leather trends you will not want to miss out on this autumn/winter!


Greyed tones have seen an exponential rise in the last few years especially within interiors in the home, and we see this trend moving towards our wardrobes. Autumn/ Winter 20/21 sees the rise of a softer pallet of greys. So, whether you opt for a natural grey statement leather blazer or simply a natural greyed leather belt, you are driving the grey natural fashion trend forward!


Often mineral leather is hard to describe but essentially the minerals within salts produce a soft, pliable leather which is ideal for creating light leathers and generally this technique shortens the tanning period to days or even hours. On the runway, we see mineral leathers to be laxer in appearance and showcased on finer leather such as a delicate shoe strap or fashionable leather belt.


Vegetable tanned leather is often seen as an alternative, more environmentally friendly method to dying leather. It is arguably unrivalled in creating a unique and nuanced finish and often feels, looks and smells better than traditional methods. Vegetable as a colour simultaneously has gained popularity on the high street. Traditional autumn colourways in root vegetables carry pigments such as beta-carotene which is found in pumpkins, sweet potato and carrots which too have made an appearance in leathers this season.


Floral and botanic designs and prints have become ever more popular on the market and on non-conventional fabrics such as leather. Bold, vibrant colours and prints have too seen a popular rise which when amalgamated with botanic patterns elegantly transpire to unique leather interiors and fashion pieces. During Lockdown, attention grew to our own gardens and outdoor and indoor plants and so this opposing fusion of plants and leathers emerged for the first time in a while. Unique and one-off pieces, handmade and sustainable materials and production of such items have seen a widespread swell in the last few years and this is certainly something to keep your eyes open to for Spring/Summer 21/22 and the future of fashion as a whole.

Obviously introducing leather into your home and wardrobe means you must take care of them! Use Wheelers Leather Cleaning Spray for a regular spruce up to remove dirt and keep your leather fresh. Use Wheelers Leather balm for added nourishment & protection.