We are officially in Autumn which means cold, crisp mornings, dark skies and your staple leather clothes and accessories begin to find their way into your wardrobe again. Let us be honest, when was the last time you gave any of your leathers some Tender Leather Care? Look at your dusty leather jacket and your dull floppy boots and notice how limp and lifeless they look. They hold noticeable creases which appear hard and worn and way past the ‘having character’ stage but rather unloved and unkept. They are screaming for some TLC!

Like everything else that you care for in your life, we believe you should be giving some attention to the life of your leathers too. Wheelers products use 90% natural ingredients and essential oils, which means that whilst our Wheelers leather duo team gently revives and protect your leathers you are essentially giving more longevity to them too! So give your leathers some life with our quick and simple 4 step guide to achieving great looking and feeling leathers:





Firstly, using a clean cloth wipe the surface of your leather product free of any dust or noticeable debris. 


Our Wheelers Leather Cleaning Spray is the first step in our Wheelers Leather duo. Begin by spraying Wheelers Leather Cleaning spray onto a soft cloth and work the surface in a circular motion. Apply more if needed – you will be surprised at the amount of dirt that is lifted! This plant-based formulation is enriched with spearmint and lavender essential oils which will rejuvenate the beautiful finish of your leather as well as keeping it clean and clear of dirt and build-up.


The Second product in our Leather duo is Wheelers Leather Balm. For added protection and condition, add a 50 pence piece of Wheelers leather Balm to your cloth first and gently evenly spread the balm over your leather product in circular motions. Work this natural beeswax formulation into the leather, add more balm depending on the size of the product.  Wheelers Leather Balm will revive and protect your leather as its enriched with silk proteins which will help the overall strength of your leathers overtime.


Most importantly we should maintain and always take care of our leathers, whether this is our favourite leather jacket, winter boots or family sofas. Use when you think your leathers need a refresh, but ideally add this to your fortnightly cleaning routine and your leathers will thank you later!


We believe that by following these 4 simple steps your leathers life span will be extended which means you will be able to enjoy your leathers for years to come. Treating your leather right will treat you right back. Pick up our Leather duo team here.