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Questions About Wheelers

Find Out About Wheelers
  • Is Wheelers made in the UK?

    Yes, all Wheelers products are manufactured in Hadleigh, Suffolk.

  • Are Wheelers products recyclable?

    Yes, once you have removed the outer label Wheelers is 100% recyclable.

  • Are Wheelers products natural?

    Yes, Wheelers products use at least 90% natural ingredients in each product such as Beeswax, natural silk proteins with natural scents of camomile, lavender, and coconut to help nourish your leathers and wooden furniture.

  • Is wheelers Vegan?

    Wheelers is not Vegan friendly due to the beeswax used within our formulas; we do not test our products on animals or commission any testing to be done on our behalf by a third-party company.

  • What kind of leathers can I use Wheelers products on?

    Wheelers Leather spray and Leather balm can be used on all leathers excluding Aniline Leather. We always recommend you patch test Wheelers against your item in an inconspicuous area before use.

  • What can I use Wheelers Furniture creams on?

    We recommend you begin by using Wheelers Furniture Polish as it naturally shines, cleanses, and protects to bring out the beauty in your natural wood.  We recommend then using Wheelers Furniture cream, depending on the colour of your wood, we have furniture cream which nourishes, protect, and revitalises your natural wood with its pure beeswax cream formula enriched with silk protein and lavender oils. We also have a Wheelers Dark Furniture Cream which is tailored to darker wood tones.

  • Can I use wheelers on Faux Leather?

    Faux leather is usually coated in plastic or made of a plastic base and is usually then treated with wax, dye or polyurethane to create the colour and texture however we do not see any disadvantage in using Wheelers on faux leather.

  • How often should I use wheelers products?

    We recommend you use Wheelers if and when you need to give your products some tender leather care but generally, we recommend using Wheelers leather spray weekly and Wheelers balm every month.

  • Does Wheelers products remove stains?

    Wheelers leather spray naturally lifts surface dirt however does not specialise in stain removal. We recommend you use our exceptional duo of Wheelers leather spray which will rejuvenate the beautiful finish of your leathers followed by Wheeler Leather Balm which will revive and protect your leathers and give it the deeper care that your leathers truly deserve.

  • What do I do if Wheelers products are swallowed?

    Please seek medical advice straight away and refer to the Wheelers Safety Data Sheets available on our website.

  • Do Wheelers products expire?

    We advise for the most effective results use within 12 months

  • Are Wheelers products safe to use around pets?

    Yes, Wheeler products are safe to use around pets and on surfaces specific to your wheeler products. Wheelers products are not dangerous if they meet pets’ skin or fur however wheelers should not be ingested by your pets. If swallowed please call your vet immediately.

  • Is Wheelers safe to use on treated wood?

    Yes, Wheelers Furniture products are suitable to use of treated wood.  

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